Stadium MC for the Great East Japan Earthquake Charity Match

I was the stadium MC for the 13th Great East Japan Earthquake Charity Match at 34 Sagamihara Stadium in Kanagawa Prefecture. ALL NATIONS BASEBALL Foundation organized it.

Sales of ALL NATIONS BASEBALL goods will be used to organize baseball clinics to be held in Iwate prefecture’s Ofunato city, where was devasted by Tsunami.

Donation Box

Baseball clinic was held after the game. Children enjoy classes raising a lot of questions.

With Takashi Miyoshi of the Minnesota Twins,
representative of ALL NATIONS BASEBALL.
Tomoko Kurabayashi
Tomoko Kurabayashi

Tomoko is a news and sports anchor and reporter, with 15 years of experience in television and radio journalism. Also, she is a communication specialist at international organizations. She is a graduate of Essex University in England and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics. In her spare time, Tomoko enjoys volunteering and travelling.


Minor League covering

Although I’ve covered Saitam Seibu Lions’s top team for several times, it was my first time to cover the minor team this season.It is interesting to talk to young players,

Jesus Aguilar interview-2/3

My second article about Saitama Seibu Lions’s Jesus Aguilar is now available here.Although he says teammates are families, he hesitates to question them.

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