Manager interview-1/3

I interviewed Saitama Seibu Lions’s minor team manager Fumiya Nishiguchi.
He continue talking even if the time limit has passed!

I wrote an article about how he thinks about prospective pithcers.

Thank you so much.

Tomoko Kurabayashi
Tomoko Kurabayashi

Tomoko is a news and sports anchor and reporter, with 15 years of experience in television and radio journalism. Also, she is a communication specialist at international organizations. She is a graduate of Essex University in England and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics. In her spare time, Tomoko enjoys volunteering and travelling.


Manager interview-3/3

My final piece about Saitama Seibu Lions’s minor team manager. He told me how he manages players grew up in different environments.

British Council gathering

Participated in an event organised by British Council in Japan.There were UK alumni, graduated from British Universites, and those who want to study in the UK. I was asked why

Lions minor team game

Covered a game of Lions’s minor team. They did quite well.I talked to young non-rostered batter about what’s his current issues are.

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