One month after Morocco Earthquake

One month has been passed since the Magnitude 6.8 earthquake hit Morocco.I spoke to a UNICEF’s Communication Officer asking how the current recovery situation is and how children’s situation changed

4300 followers on Instagram

My followers on Instagram is now 4,300! I keep posting about SDGs there in Japanese to raise awareness.

Interview with Brooks Kriske:3/3

My final piece about Kriske is now available.As he has experiences of playing in both Central and Pacific Leagues in Japan, he shared his view of the differences among batters.

Interview with Brooks Kriske:1/3

I met Brooks Kriske, spending his second year in Japan, last week.He explained me how he feels about the strike zone in Japanese baseball, comparing that of MLB’s. Kriske joined

Interview with David Mackinnon:3/3

Here is the last article of David Mackinnon, a infielder of Saitama Seibu Lions, Nippon Professional Baseball Organization. He shared stories with Shohei Ohtani when they were colleagues in Los

Interview with David Mackinnon:1/3

My article about Nippon Professional Baseball Organization’s Saitama Seibu Lions’ player David McKinnon, former Los Angeles Angels, was published in the web media “Full Count”. It’s in Japanese but available