Contribute articles to NPB team’s official fanbook

I contributed two interview pages to “2024 Saitama Seibu Lions’s offial fanbook” released on 29th March.

倉林知子 is my name in Japanese

One is Jesús Alexander Aguilar, a former player in Oakland Athletics.

And the other is Jefry Yan from Miami Marlins.

The interviews went really well. I hope I will write about them again near future.

Tomoko Kurabayashi
Tomoko Kurabayashi

Tomoko is a news and sports anchor and reporter, with 15 years of experience in television and radio journalism. Also, she is a communication specialist at international organizations. She is a graduate of Essex University in England and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics. In her spare time, Tomoko enjoys volunteering and travelling.


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