Minor League covering

Although I’ve covered Saitam Seibu Lions’s top team for several times, it was my first time to cover the minor team this season.It is interesting to talk to young players,

Jesus Aguilar interview-3/3

My last piece about Jesus Aguilar in Saitama Seibu Lions is now here.He talks how he thinks about his fans in Japan.

Jesus Aguilar interview-2/3

My second article about Saitama Seibu Lions’s Jesus Aguilar is now available here.Although he says teammates are families, he hesitates to question them.

Jesus Aguilar interview-1/3

My article about this season’s new player Jesus Aguilar in Nippon Professional Baseball Organization (NPB)’s Saitama Seibu Lions is now published (URL). He talked about how Japanese baseball and MLB

Completed Essex Business School webinar series

I completed Essex Business School’s webinar series this year too.The theme was “The Cost-of-Living Crisis – How is the Global Economy reacting?” Lectures were as follows: -The role of AI in

Braille on my business cards

I changed my business cards’ design (put my logo on them!) and imprinted Braille on them. I ordered it to a welfare workshop in Saitama Prefecture, North of Tokyo.They usualy

New assignments

The week started with an English news followed by a meeting on a new project.The next day also started with an English news followed by a meeting for another new